Certified Lacrosse Balls

Why Lacrosse Balls Need Resurfacing

It doesn’t matter whether lacrosse balls are being used on turf or the hard surface of a gym during offseason practice, they eventually lose their “grip” and must be resurfaced. When they begin to feel slippery and slick, it’s time for resurfacing to return them to their previous condition. Lacrosse balls have a naturally sticky […]

What are Lacrosse Balls Made of?

The “ball” used in lacrosse has undergone monumental changes since the game was first observed being played by Native Americans in 1636 by French Jesuit missionary, Jean de Brebeuf. Today’s balls are fashioned of solid vulcanized rubber. In the past, balls have encompassed rounded rocks, carved wood, and deerskin balls stuffed with hair, feathers and/or […]

Lacrosse Gear for Home Practice

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many players are finding themselves spending a significant amount of their time practicing alone in response to stay-at-home orders. Even if players weren’t being cooped up without practice partners, there are multiple types of gear and training aids that every player should have to make sessions more productive. Learn about Lacrosse […]

Personalize your League’s Lacrosse Balls

There are many reasons that a league might want to personalize lacrosse balls and a myriad of ball colors are available. They can be customized with images, logos, dates and names. They make wonderful keepsakes and can easily be displayed with a special base plate to commemorate any occasion. The following are just a few […]

Why the NOCSAE is Important to Sports

Sports form a central part of the life of many individuals beginning as children and continuing into college. Participating in sports can be fun, but it can also be dangerous without the proper safety equipment. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has been helping to make sports safer since 1970. The […]

The Popularity of Lacrosse is Growing Fast!

Lacrosse has a long and distinguished history. It’s been played for centuries and in modern times, its popularity continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. Over time, it’s been played outdoors and even indoors where harsh winters reign. Lacrosse leagues have been established around the globe and new teams are being formed every year […]

Stock up for Your Favorite Team for the Holidays

It’s not difficult to buy a thoughtful and practical gift for any of your lacrosse friends. Simply buy in bulk at lacrosseballsdirect.com. The balls are available in multiple colors, you can have them customized with team or club logos, and they’re available in official play or training models. You can also purchase multi-packs of smaller […]

Why Shopping in Bulk for Your Organization Makes Sense

Whether it’s beginners on a school lacrosse team practicing their moves or an experienced independent group, the demand for balls never ceases. Balls get lost, misplaced or worn out. Shopping in bulk for the lacrosse balls you need has a variety of advantages and they’re not just for actual lacrosse play. Lacrosse Practice The most […]

The Lacrosse Ball….And What You May Not Know

History of The Lacrosse Ball History of The Lacrosse Balland where it stands now. Lacrosse, though yet to be an Olympic Sport, has earned its right to be one of the most popular ball and field games in the world particularly famous in North America, United States and in the United Kingdom. What makes this […]

Toting Around Your Equipment

Lacrosse is a fast-paced game where any number of surprise moves can occur. Even novices to the sport know what to do on the field, but are often at a loss when it comes to a bag to carry their equipment. A lacrosse bag carries much more than lacrosse balls and a stick and should […]