Why Shopping in Bulk for Your Organization Makes Sense

Whether it’s beginners on a school lacrosse team practicing their moves or an experienced independent group, the demand for balls never ceases. Balls get lost, misplaced or worn out. Shopping in bulk for the lacrosse balls you need has a variety of advantages and they’re not just for actual lacrosse play.

Lacrosse Practice

The most obvious reason for shopping in bulk is the savings on top-quality balls that meet all NOCSAE, NFHS, NCAA and SEI weight, size and performance standards. Players go through a lot of balls when practicing and honing their skills. Buying in bulk ensures there’s never a shortage of balls. The range of colors available for bulk amounts is a distinct advantage. Novices to the game are less likely to lose the ball and it aids in helping them improve their eye-hand coordination.

Physical Therapy

Lacrosse balls are used in many physical therapy practices to aid individuals gain strength and dexterity. They’re also beneficial for rehabilitation purposes. Buying in bulk is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure individuals have the tools for in-clinic use and they can be given to clients, enabling them to continue therapy at home. They’re used to relieve pain, massage sore muscles, and improve function.

Dog Rescue Organizations

It may come as no surprise that dogs love to play with lacrosse balls. Many animal rescue organizations use the balls to help dogs relieve the tedium of being in a kennel. The number of dogs that are going to rescue organizations continues to increase and buying in bulk makes financial sense for organizations that have to budget carefully.

A Myriad of Uses

Buying lacrosse balls in bulk is a smart decision for businesses that are conducting marketing campaigns and for non-profit organizations as fundraising tools. No matter what individuals use them for, buying in bulk is economical.

Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

We want YOU to have the best product at the best price. We want the game of Lacrosse to be promoted anywhere and everywhere around the globe and hope to be part of its growth. 

Every ball we sell is officially approved and meets all the NOCSAE standards. We believe in offering top quality products and unparalleled customer service, therefore, we offer a money-back guarantee for every single ball sold.

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