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The Right Equipment Will Make you a Better Player

The right equipment does more than protect you from injuries. It provides a more positive experience and can also make you a better player. It’s no surprise that sports equipment can be expensive and how quickly everything from gloves to helmets and sticks can need to be replaced. It’s understandable that you want the best […]

The Importance of Coaching the Mind as well as the Game

For decades, motivational speakers have touted the importance of the mind when seeking success. That principle has a basis in fact and solid science. The most effective coaches are those that send players into competitions with a winning psychological attitude. It’s entirely true that athletes need to practice, build the needed physical skills for their […]

Best Way for Young Athletes to Avoid Serious Injury

Many parents are choosing specific sports over others in an effort to keep their children safe while still allowing them to participate in team sports. It’s important for parents to understand that any sport in which youngsters participate has the potential for injury. However, there are ways to improve the level of safety for young […]

5 Speed Training Exercises that Work

Speed is an essential skill in lacrosse and there are multiple training exercises that can help players achieve that goal. What’s important to understand is that speed alone won’t make someone a great player. It’s a combination of elements that individuals must combine and integrate into their overall training that helps them become faster and […]

Why team sports are great character builders

Team sports are well-known for building character and teaching life lessons that players will utilize in their personal and professional life. However, there is a debate over which sports are best for teaching that quality. Everyone believes that their sport is best. The answer is simple – any team sport will help build character and […]

Lacrosse Bag….All The Essentials

Lacrosse players have a lot of gear they need to remember when packing their bags, but the first essential is a good bag. It has to be durably constructed, easy to clean, and able to withstand the wear and tear of being used in extremes of weather. A lacrosse bag also needs to have ventilation […]

Sizing Lacrosse Sticks for Youth Players

The first rule of lacrosse sticks for youth players is to find one that the athlete can handle comfortably while remaining within official guidelines. Youngsters should be strong enough to wield the stick and to do so easily. Experts recommend that the stick length be equal to the height of the player – never taller. […]

Improve Shooting Accuracy with a Goal Blocker

Shooting accuracy is an essential skill in lacrosse and a goal blocker provides critical practice. Many players find themselves without a teammate with which to practice and that’s where a goal blocker is a tool without compare. Most lacrosse players have a goal in their back yard to practice shots and a goal blocker attaches […]