Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

lacrosse drills

Youngsters just learning lacrosse will be putting in a lot of practice time and the time expended on the sport will increase as young athletes become familiar with the rules and seek to excel. There are a number of drills for players that can be utilized to help them improve their game and have fun in the process.

Typically used for beginners, there are drills that are equally appropriate for advanced players. Smart coaches know that even as players improve their skills, it can be a good idea to take them back to the beginning. The following are some of the most effective drills for beginners.

Ground Balls – The premise is simple. Roll balls and let players practice scooping them up. It can be combined with cradling drills by having players run short distances after they’ve scooped up the ball without dropping it.

Passing – Parents with absolutely no lacrosse experience can help their child practice by simply tossing them balls. Throw them some easy passes so they can practice their catching skills. Use overhand and underhand throws, with an emphasis on easy. Remember, they’re trying to acquire the skills they’ll need later.

Two-Person Passing – This requires two players to walk/run side by side, a short distance apart, as they toss and catch the ball back and forth. The exercise can be utilized with each player using their dominant hand or non-dominant hand.

Lacrosse Relay – Have players divide into two teams and face each other. The first team member to start cradles the ball and runs to the other team where they pass the ball to the first person in line. For the youngest players that haven’t developed good catching skills yet, the ball can be deposited on the ground.

Wall Ball – The absolute best drill and practice for beginner lacrosse players is wall ball. Even world-class athletes continue to play wall ball to keep their skills sharp.

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