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New Lacrosse Equipment: The Chest Protector

As of January 2021, many lacrosse goalies found themselves replacing their current chest protection that conform to new performance standards issued by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). Chest protectors meeting NOCSAE standards are now required for boys and girls at the youth level, National Federation of High School (NFHS) boy’s […]

When will Lacrosse be an Olympic Sport?

A great many players, parents, coaches and fans are wondering when lacrosse will be formally included as an Olympic sport. The good news is that on Nov. 30, 2018, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded provisional recognition to the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). That means that it could be possible for the sport to […]

The Rise in Popularity of Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s lacrosse has been seeing a steady increase in popularity for several years and it’s originating in the Heartland of America. No longer a bastion of Ivy League schools, the sport is growing by leaps and bounds in the collegiate arena and youth participation has also increased. The statistics surrounding girls’ and women’s lacrosse shows […]

Why Lacrosse is Gaining Popularity so Quickly

Lacrosse Passion – The sport That Just Keeps on Growing

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing team sports in the U.S., primarily due to the increase in the number of youngsters that are playing. The sport was highly popularized in 1904 and by 1908, it was being played in the Summer Olympics. It’s been steadily growing ever since. What originally began as a Native American […]

The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is experiencing a significant increase in participation and interest, especially among youth competitors. New teams, leagues, and lacrosse camps are cropping up all over the nation in sharp contrast to a decreasing rate of participation in other traditional sports. The youth demographic has contributed significantly to this. One reason for the trend is a […]

Common Lacrosse Injuries

No sport is without risk of injury and lacrosse is no different. It’s important that parents understand that before they enroll their child in a team. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and many children are finding satisfaction and educational opportunities as a result of their lacrosse experience. The most […]

Lacrosse gear maintenance (pads, stick, helmet, etc.)

Lacrosse gear endures a lot of abuse. It’s also expensive and parents want to maintain their child’s gear in good condition for as long as possible. With a little extra care, parents can keep their child’s gear clean, disinfected, odor-free, and looking good. To make that process easier, parents should never let their child’s gear […]

Why sideline coaching is bad for all

It’s great to have fans in the stands, but not when they begin offering unsolicited coaching advice. Parents understandably want their children to do well and have fun. Unfortunately, parents can be extremely competitive and they do their child and the coach a disservice by inserting their views during a game. Children have coaches for […]

Top Women’s College Lacrosse Programs

Student athletes seeking a higher learning institution that offers a lacrosse program have a wealth of options from which to choose. Across the nation, lacrosse programs for women are offered at more than 500 four-year institutions and 20 junior colleges. However, just because a college offers a lacrosse program doesn’t mean it will be the […]

PLL to Play Summer Tournament

The good news for lacrosse fans is that the Premiere Lacrosse League will play a two-week summer tournament during July 25-Aug. 9, 2020 instead of a second season. The downside is that the stands will go empty and the event will be conducted without fans. The match marks a return of at least one sport […]