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New Lacrosse Equipment: The Chest Protector

As of January 2021, many lacrosse goalies found themselves replacing their current chest protection that conform to new performance standards issued by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). Chest protectors meeting NOCSAE standards are now required for boys and girls at the youth level, National Federation of High School (NFHS) boy’s […]

Why Every Elite Player should have Backup Equipment

Almost every lacrosse player has experienced the panic that ensues when their favorite piece of equipment is unavailable prior to a game. It’s one of the biggest arguments in favor of having an extra set of backup equipment. Players are typically most concerned about their lacrosse stick. However, every elite player should have a complete […]

Lacrosse Ball Massage

Lacrosse athletes are subject to a wide variety of muscle aches and pains. Many are surprised to learn that the same lacrosse balls they use during competition are equally beneficial as a massage tool to release muscle tension. They help break up the knots that can form between the connective tissue that surrounds muscles. Muscle […]

The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is experiencing a significant increase in participation and interest, especially among youth competitors. New teams, leagues, and lacrosse camps are cropping up all over the nation in sharp contrast to a decreasing rate of participation in other traditional sports. The youth demographic has contributed significantly to this. One reason for the trend is a […]

Common Lacrosse Injuries

No sport is without risk of injury and lacrosse is no different. It’s important that parents understand that before they enroll their child in a team. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and many children are finding satisfaction and educational opportunities as a result of their lacrosse experience. The most […]

Rules of the Game

There are many differences between the rules in male and female lacrosse. It’s important to note that equipment requirements are strikingly different for male players than females in lacrosse. The primary difference in game play is that bodily contact is allowed during men’s play, but is not in women’s competitions. Bodily contact isn’t desirable and […]

How Buying Lacrosse Balls in Bulk Saves your Team Time and Money

Coaches and parents all know how many lacrosse balls a single player can go through while practicing their skills. Keeping a sufficient supply of lacrosse balls on hand represents a significant cost for schools that maintain a lacrosse team. It’s important as a coach that you purchase wisely and buying in bulk solves several problems. […]

5 Speed Training Exercises that Work

Speed is an essential skill in lacrosse and there are multiple training exercises that can help players achieve that goal. What’s important to understand is that speed alone won’t make someone a great player. It’s a combination of elements that individuals must combine and integrate into their overall training that helps them become faster and […]