The Popularity of Lacrosse is Growing Fast!

Lacrosse has a long and distinguished history. It’s been played for centuries and in modern times, its popularity continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. Over time, it’s been played outdoors and even indoors where harsh winters reign. Lacrosse leagues have been established around the globe and new teams are being formed every year at the pee wee, elementary school and collegiate level.

Once considered a pastime for the wealthy, much like horse racing, lacrosse is shedding its elitist reputation and being viewed as a sport for the middle class. It’s just one of the many reasons that lacrosse has been gaining the interest and enthusiasm of both genders. Lacrosse excels as a youth-oriented sport, even as participation in other types of sports has been steadily declining.

Participation at the youth level has helped bring the sport to the attention of media networks that now regularly broadcast lacrosse matches. Youngsters that play lacrosse as children grow up to be fans, along with their parents, to generate further interest. It’s a sport that can be played and enjoyed by a wide variety of ages.

For students seeking a sports-based scholarship to college, lacrosse offers multiple opportunities since the competition isn’t as intense or crowded as football, for example. There’s also good news for parents and higher educational institutions – graduation rates among lacrosse players are the highest of any college sport. Eight-eight percent of male lacrosse players graduate and 94 percent of female lacrosse players graduate.

Lacrosse now has more than 400,000 youngsters involved in the sport and the numbers continue to increase every year. The sport has successfully moved from the east coast of the U.S. into Middle America where it’s found favor with students, parents and coaches. The rise in interest has elevated the following of the NCAA Lacrosse Championships, resulting in the formation of new teams every year.

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