Top Colleges in the Northeast for Men’s Lacrosse

More than 70 colleges in 10 conferences offer men’s lacrosse throughout the U.S. There’s no dearth of colleges and universities that field men’s lacrosse teams, the large majority of them are located in the northeastern portion of the nation. The following are some of the top ranked colleges in the Northeast Region for Men’s Division 1 lacrosse in alphabetical order.

  • Bates College in Lewiston, ME
  • Boston University in Boston, MA
  • Brown University in Providence, RI
  • Bryant University in Smithfield, RI
  • Colgate University in Hamilton, NY
  • Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY
  • Princeton University in Princeton, NJ
  • Providence College in Providence, RI
  • Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NY
  • Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY
  • University of Albany in Albany, NY
  • University of Delaware in Newark, DE
  • Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT
  • Yale University in New Haven, CT
  • Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA

There are 73 Division I teams, 61 Division II teams, and 236 Division III teams that are sanctioned by the NCAA. For men that want to play lacrosse in college, it’s not just a matter of being outstanding. It’s also necessary that potential players understand how the recruiting process has changed over the years.

Statistics from the National Collegiate Scouting Association show that 31 percent of men actually accept a scholarship prior to the recruiting season even beginning. It’s easy for recruits to be swayed by promises of swag, but the most important goal is for the potential player to match themselves with the right educational institution.

Every student should take a tour of the potential alma mater and determine if they would be happy at the institution if lacrosse wasn’t even a consideration. Few college players go on to play professionally and many never pick up a lacrosse stick again after graduation. Young men should select a college that fully meets their academic needs first – lacrosse is the icing on the cake.

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