The Top 5 Lacrosse Workouts for Mental and Physical Conditioning

Top 5 Lacrosse Workouts (routines) That Really Help

The best and physically fit players in the world are said to be found in lacrosse. Not only because they lift weights and workout every now and then, but also because they exude Olympic abilities as if they were sent by Zeus.

In Lacrosse, a runner must have speed and alertness. An attackman must have stamina. A goalkeeper must have an eagle-eye like vision. Everyone must have the strength to keep up with the heavy-duty impacts of crosschecks and crunches. And there is no better way to be in great shape than maintaining a lacrosse workout. And while team coaches may not stress much on getting six-packs, as they focus more on honing skills and teamwork to be a successful lacrosse player you need to possess animal-like physical traits. Traits such as cheetah-like agility, a tiger’s strength, a lion’s endurance, a cat’s flexibility, an eagle’s sharpness of eyes. And this can only be achieved with proper preparation before you enter the league or start this season. For starters, a lacrosse workout will mean really big.

A good lacrosse workout doesn’t necessarily mean pumping more iron. It consists of observing simple and basic rules to get it done right. So here are the top FIVE things to getting fit and playing it right:

  1. Get some rest. As everyone knows, this sport has a lot of physical contact, constant running, sudden bursts in speed, and hits made by sticks. Your body needs some cooling off like any car’s machine would. So go hit the bench and breath passionately while waiting for a call.
  2. Keep on running. For baseball players, the phrase “keep on swaying” is common. For lacrosse people, running is a constant movement. In a real game, players experience a quick burst of speed so a lacrosse workout that includes running is a must. This helps to keep your moving up and downfield speed and endurance aggressive and tuned up especially on surfaces where sometimes it may feel like your constantly running uphill.
  3. Stretch some muscles. Make that all of your muscles. It’s a physical conditioning routine that is best for a lacrosse workout. Stretching is paramount as well as it also reduces the chances of getting injuries while running like ankles sprains, pulled groins, the famous Achilles tendonitis, and pulled muscles.
  4. Weight maintenance. Discipline should be considered not only on-field performance but also in other aspects like diet and lifestyle. Engage in weight-training programs that are customized for lacrosse players. This type of lacrosse workout may not necessarily be expensive. But it helps if you get a decent one. A well-maintained weight spells endurance, flexibility and overall physical stamina.
  5. Mental Fitness. But above all physical lacrosse workouts, preparing the mind is the most essential. Since lacrosse requires alertness, your mind must be conditioned in a way that is free from any stress. Always bring a positive attitude. Learn to accept corrections and challenges from coaches, captains and your peers. Make use of any of your nervousness by keeping in mind that playing lacrosse is supposed to be fun.

There is no sure formula for success when it comes to lacrosse. But it has been observed from the winning teams who scored trophies in world championships, that lacrosse workout for the body and mind turned out to be a huge help.

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