Footwork Drills for Increased Agility

Agility is an essential skill for a lacrosse player and there are multiple ways to increase a player’s footwork. Lacrosse players must be able to change direction quickly and at a moment’s notice. A strong core is critical for those maneuvers, and it also gives athletes better balance, improves coordination, and adds to their overall power.

Players that are quick on their feet have a decided edge on the field, along with any other sport in which they may be participating. The following are just some of the drills that lacrosse players can use to increase their agility.

Cone Zig-Zag

Players set up a line of cones and zig-zag back and forth between them. Begin at a comfortable speed. As agility improves, players can increase the speed with which they navigate the cones.

Jumping Rope

There’s a reason that football stars and prize fighters regularly practice with a jump rope – it’s great for improving footwork and agility. There are several techniques to use. Jump over the rope with both feet together or from side to side as the rope passes under the feet. Also, jump over the rope backward. It’s not necessary to jump high – keep feet low.

Lateral Ladder Jumps

All players need for this drill is a lacrosse ladder. Start with both feet together on one side of the ladder. Jump sideways in and out of the rungs of the ladder with both feet together. Players can begin by just jumping in and out of a single ladder space. Once they’re proficient, they can perform the same actions up and down the length of the ladder at greater speed.

One-Legged Hops

A lacrosse ladder also comes in handy for this exercise. Hop through the ladder on one foot, turn and hop back through on the other foot. This can be repeated over and over. Start out slowly and gradually increase speed. It also has the benefit of improving overall lower body strength for faster acceleration when needed.


Step drills don’t involve an entire set of stairs. One step is sufficient. Step up with one foot, then the other foot. Step down with the first foot, then down with the second foot. Players start slowly and increase their speed as they become more proficient. The drills can also be performed from side to side if desired with a step that’s short in width.

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