Wonderful Wall Ball

Want to know the 1 drill that all coaches, players and professionals will all tell you is the best thing to elevate your game? Need a drill that benefits all positions on the field and all skill levels? It’s wonderful Wall Ball!  There is no better drill that will help one gain more skill with their catching, throwing and overall stick handling ability. Wall Ball is an extremely easy and simple drill that requires nothing more than yourself, a wall, a ball and stick. Within this drill you can perfect the basics and cultivate your lacrosse creativity. Try Around the World, Twizzlers, BTBs (behind the back), work on different levels for cradling and 1 handed throws & catches. You can be as creative as you want stringing multiple stick tricks together and can work on both right and left hands with ease. While brick and cement walls are the best to play wall ball on you can also practice on rebounders, (check out the new LaxWorx rebounder, https://laxworx.com/) and get the same benefit.

Coaches if you have a wall close by to your field, try adding wall ball into your practice plans a couple times a week. Make it fun, competitive and challenging! Start with 8-10 min sessions and then work up to longer! 

Here is a simple wall ball routine that any age level can benefit from:

  • 75 Right Hand
  • 75 Left Hand
  • 50 Catch Right Throw Left
  • 50 Catch Left Throw Right
  • 50 1 Handed Right Hand
  • 50 1 Handed Left Hand
  • 50 Quick Stick Right
  • 50 Quick Stick Left
  • 20 Behind the Back Right
  • 20 Behind the Back Left
  • 50 Throw Right Catch Weakside
  • 50 Throw Left Catch Weakside

Keep Time to Challenge yourself!


Make sure you have plenty of lacrosse balls nearby! Our 6-12-18 packs are perfect for wall ball routines! 

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