Why team sports are great character builders

Team sports are well-known for building character and teaching life lessons that players will utilize in their personal and professional life. However, there is a debate over which sports are best for teaching that quality. Everyone believes that their sport is best. The answer is simple – any team sport will help build character and playing on a team has a variety of benefits for the mind and spirit – not just the body.

Sports teach youngsters to all work together toward a common goal and display good sportsmanship. There are opportunities for everyone to take a leadership role at some point and players learn that no one person is more important than the whole. Sports are said to teach honesty, fair play, and the value of inclusiveness.

There are six generally accepted attributes of those with good character. They are:

  • Caring
  • Citizenship
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness

Character is typically defined as a person’s ability to do the “right” thing even when no one is there to see it. It’s an adherence to a set of principles, ethics, and values – sometimes defined as a personal code of honor. Team sports of any type are particularly relevant as an exercise in character building as good coaches use challenges and failures as a means of promoting learning and growth.

Through team sports, youngsters learn that failure isn’t permanent and how to overcome deficiencies. They develop self-esteem and confidence from their successes. Sports is an excellent means of building emotional and social skills, the ability to look at situations from different perspectives and empathize with others, and take responsibility for their own actions.

People aren’t born with good character. It’s something that must be developed, nurtured, and earned. For that, any team sport is a good place to teach the life lessons that contribute to an individual that has good character.

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