Training in the Off Season

When the season ends for lacrosse, players have everything to gain by beginning their training during the off season. From weight training to stick work, it’s a time for players to improve their skills and come into the next season even better than before. There are numerous practice exercises that players can perform.

Players can learn a lot simply be spending some time watching the techniques of top level players. It’s a good idea to invest some time in watching the pros to see how they handle the ball. Doing so will provide any player with a different perspective on ball handling and nuances that may not have been immediately apparent.

Cardio Workouts

Consider interval training as a way of building cardio strength. Cardiovascular health is essential for lacrosse, since players typically see action that’s broken into short, intensive bursts.

Establish a Regimen

One of the most important aspects for players during the off season is maintaining motivation. It’s much easier to stay in practice and train when players establish a training regimen each day.

Keep Connected

Stay in touch with teammates during the off season. It helps maintain the chemistry and camaraderie between players.


It can be tempting to indulge in junk food during the off season. Don’t neglect eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

Other Sports

In addition to regular lacrosse exercises and practice, it can be a good idea for players to involve themselves in other sports. It helps keep skills sharp and muscles in practice.

Practice Sessions

Staying in touch with other players during the off season provides opportunities for one-on-one practice sessions to keep skills honed. Another teammate can help with shooting, taking shots, dodging and defense.


Giving back to the collective lacrosse community is a good way for players to teach others and increase their own knowledge. There are dozens of younger players that could benefit from what older players have already learned.

Wall Training

Go back to basics with wall training for an hour each day. Don’t forget to alternate hands to maintain dexterity.

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