The Science Behind Moisture Wicking Clothing

Moisture wicking materials have been around for over 20 years, but the current generation of “high-tech” garments, are a significant improvement over what’s been available in the past. Current incarnations were developed in an attempt to prevent the body odor that accompanies a hard workout at the gym. Moisture wicking garments are now everywhere and represent a multi-billion dollar industry.

The items fashioned from moisture wicking fabric are actually made with a type of high-quality polyester. The fabric works by drawing sweat away from the body and into the outside layer of the garment, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria – the underlying cause of body odor- to keep people drier and less odoriferous.

An added benefit is that the material is also breathable, which keeps wearers cooler. Polyester material typically only holds about .4 percent moisture. Natural fabrics, on average, retain 7 percent moisture. The moisture-wicking polyester also works to keep people drier in high heat, even if they’re not exercising or active. That ability also enables the garments to help individuals stay warmer in cooler weather.

The material has been available for over two decades and was first introduced by DuPont Textiles. It was utilized as a finish on the outside of clothing as a means of regulating body temperature and to repel moisture. Premium moisture wicking garments of today are created with 100 percent polyester. It has natural anti-microbial properties that help manage body odor and keeps people smelling fresher, even during an intense workout.

There’s solid science behind the fabric and while some people wouldn’t wear anything else, there’s an equally vocal group that insist the average person won’t receive much benefit from it. It’s especially advantageous for athletes, very active people, and those that normally sweat a lot. Many that are prone to acne on the chest and back find that in some instances, the material can even help discourage skin breakouts.

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