The Importance of Coaching the Mind as well as the Game

For decades, motivational speakers have touted the importance of the mind when seeking success. That principle has a basis in fact and solid science. The most effective coaches are those that send players into competitions with a winning psychological attitude.

It’s entirely true that athletes need to practice, build the needed physical skills for their sport, and learn to function as a team. It’s also a fact that the mind has a direct impact on how well an individual will perform in any set of circumstances and under the stress that can occur during a game. Coaches can give their players an edge by training their minds to have a winning attitude.

The brain is a powerful organ that benefits when taught focus, mental toughness, perseverance and anticipation. An interesting facet of coaching the mind is that it enhances specific regions of the brain and the mental fortitude and strategies learned when the mind is coached for sports remains with individuals throughout their lifetime.

Never underestimate psychological strength. It’s a power and force of will that can help a team come from behind to win against all odds and allow the most unassuming player to make the winning goal. Coaching the mind begins with setting objectives that motivates players to achieve those goals. Attaining those benchmarks generates self-confidence in a player’s skills and abilities.

Training the mind to have emotional self-control is critical if a player is to focus, pay attention to detail, and minimize doubts. Allowing emotions to rule is a recipe for frustration and disaster. Mental strength is a skill that can be taught and mastered. It doesn’t just miraculously happen as an outgrowth of practice and regular play.

The link between the brain and body is one that can’t be ignored if coaches want to create well-rounded players. It’s wonderful when a team wins a match and that’s more likely to happen when the mind and body are working together. What the mind can envision, the body can accomplish.

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