Lacrosse is experiencing a significant increase in participation and interest, especially among youth competitors. New teams, leagues, and lacrosse camps are cropping up all over the nation in sharp contrast to a decreasing rate of participation in other traditional sports. The youth demographic has contributed significantly to this.

One reason for the trend is a growing number of parents that have played and passed on their love of the sport to their offspring. Another is new information about the potential for injuries and traumatic brain injuries found in sports at all levels of participation such as football, basketball, soccer and baseball. Over half of the newcomers to lacrosse are those under the age of 15.

As lacrosse has gained in popularity, the sport has moved from its traditional home turf of the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond. As a result, colleges and universities are no longer limiting their searches for players to what are perceived as elite educational institutions. Male and female students from across the nation are now seeing new sports opportunities and the game is also attracting athletes from underserved communities.

The media has also contributed to the elevated interest. Sports networks of all the major media outlets have begun to broadcast lacrosse competitions that include college and professional games. Part of the rise in popularity is due to that increased exposure through print and broadcast media.

Present day athletes have Native Americans to thank for the sport of lacrosse. It’s a game steeped in history, culture and tradition. The spirit and value of competition lives on in the sport today.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons that lacrosse is experiencing an upsurge in interest and participation is that it’s fun. Lacrosse offers an opportunity for youngsters to engage in sports, even if they lack confidence or feel they’re not athletes. The exponential growth in lacrosse embodies “The fastest game on two feet.”

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