Myofascial release

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Health Benefits of Myofascial Release

Lacrosse balls are doing far more than providing a target in lacrosse matches. The unassuming balls are also doing double duty as a tool in myofascial release techniques. Lacrosse balls can be utilized at home to relieve aches, pains, and the stiff muscles that come with high-performance sports participation. They’re equally effective for stiff and […]

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Lacrosse Ball Massage

Lacrosse athletes are subject to a wide variety of muscle aches and pains. Many are surprised to learn that the same lacrosse balls they use during competition are equally beneficial as a massage tool to release muscle tension. They help break up the knots that can form between the connective tissue that surrounds muscles. Muscle […]

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Myofascial Release Explained

Lacrosse balls are a powerful tool that can aid in alleviating pain and restoring functionality to sore muscles through myofascial release. It’s a hands-on technique in which gentle, sustained pressure is applied to connective tissues. It’s a technique that’s been used since ancient times. Physical therapists maintain that myofascial pain is different than ordinary types […]

Lacrosse Balls for Massage?

The unique construction of lacrosse balls has made them highly desirable for a usage that many people may not know about. They’re a powerful and effective tool for massaging sore muscles to relieve pain and restore function. Massage with lacrosse balls is a type of myofascial release technique that individuals can perform for themselves. An […]

Why Shopping in Bulk for Your Organization Makes Sense

Whether it’s beginners on a school lacrosse team practicing their moves or an experienced independent group, the demand for balls never ceases. Balls get lost, misplaced or worn out. Shopping in bulk for the lacrosse balls you need has a variety of advantages and they’re not just for actual lacrosse play. Lacrosse Practice The most […]