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Why Lacrosse is Gaining Popularity so Quickly

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing team sports in the U.S., primarily due to the increase in the number of youngsters that are playing. The sport was highly popularized in 1904 and by 1908, it was being played in the Summer Olympics. It’s been steadily growing ever since. What originally began as a Native American […]

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The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse

Lacrosse is experiencing a significant increase in participation and interest, especially among youth competitors. New teams, leagues, and lacrosse camps are cropping up all over the nation in sharp contrast to a decreasing rate of participation in other traditional sports. The youth demographic has contributed significantly to this. One reason for the trend is a […]

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Lacrosse Passion – The sport That Just Keeps on Growing

The game of lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in the U.S., with more than 684,000 active players. There are many reasons for the upsurge, but it’s primarily due to increased awareness of the game. More TV networks are televising professional games, more information is available in print, and the Internet, combined […]