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Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

Youngsters just learning lacrosse will be putting in a lot of practice time and the time expended on the sport will increase as young athletes become familiar with the rules and seek to excel. There are a number of drills for players that can be utilized to help them improve their game and have fun […]

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Why Lacrosse is Gaining Popularity so Quickly

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing team sports in the U.S., primarily due to the increase in the number of youngsters that are playing. The sport was highly popularized in 1904 and by 1908, it was being played in the Summer Olympics. It’s been steadily growing ever since. What originally began as a Native American […]

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Footwork Drills for Increased Agility

Agility is an essential skill for a lacrosse player and there are multiple ways to increase a player’s footwork. Lacrosse players must be able to change direction quickly and at a moment’s notice. A strong core is critical for those maneuvers, and it also gives athletes better balance, improves coordination, and adds to their overall […]

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Top Drills for Defensive Players

The key to being a great defensive player is footwork. However, exceptional footwork must be combined with stick skills and the ability to analyze where an offensive player plans to go on the field. The second two will come with practice, but it all begins with players perfecting their footwork. It’s one of the most […]

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The Art of Cradling a Lacrosse Ball

Cradling a lacrosse ball is much harder than it appears and it’s one of the most frustrating skills for new players to master. It’s an absolutely essential ability to ensure the ball stays with the stick, isn’t dislodged by a misstep, or knocked out by an opposing player. The good news is that with practice, […]

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Solo Drills for When You’re Alone

If you’re in the off season or just want to get in some extra practice, there are a number of helpful drills that you can perform on your own. It’s always more fun to practice with a partner, but if you find yourself going solo, the following will help build eye-hand coordination, strength, and agility. […]

Ways to Improve Shooting Accuracy

For lacrosse players, shooting accuracy is critical and it’s a skill that needs to be developed whether the player is moving directly toward the goal or from side-to-side. It requires practice, but also involves multiple muscle groups that need to be exercised and developed. Positioning also comes into play. It’s important to remember that even […]

The Top 5 Lacrosse Workouts for Mental and Physical Conditioning

Top 5 Lacrosse Workouts (routines) That Really Help The best and physically fit players in the world are said to be found in lacrosse. Not only because they lift weights and workout every now and then, but also because they exude Olympic abilities as if they were sent by Zeus. In Lacrosse, a runner must […]

Lacrosse Tips – How to Improve Your Accuracy and Stick Skills

In the U.S., there has been a surge of interest and lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports nationwide. While practice is the best way to build muscle memory and skills in any sport, there are some specific tips for playing lacrosse that will improve your stick skills and your accuracy. Try Soft Lacrosse […]