Eye Hand Drills

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Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

Youngsters just learning lacrosse will be putting in a lot of practice time and the time expended on the sport will increase as young athletes become familiar with the rules and seek to excel. There are a number of drills for players that can be utilized to help them improve their game and have fun […]

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Improving Eye-Hand Coordination

Hitting, catching, dunking and passing a ball requires eye-hand coordination and the best way to improve those skills is through practice. The good news is that there are multiple ways that can be employed to build those abilities or improve the skills that already exist. The first step toward better eye-hand coordination is a thorough […]

2 Simple Eye Hand Goalie Training Drills

As we all know, having good hand eye coordination as a goalie is key. Increasing reaction and foot speed in each practice should be a main component of your goalie training. Here are 2 simple drills you can utilize in practice to help develop a quicker keeper. Color Call Out Challenge: Place multiple colored balls […]