Eye Hand Coordination

Ways to Improve Shooting Accuracy

For lacrosse players, the need to improve shooting accuracy is critical and it’s a skill that needs to be developed whether the player is moving directly toward the goal or from side-to-side. It requires practice, but also involves multiple muscle groups that need to be exercised and developed. Positioning also comes into play. It’s important […]

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Fearless and Fierce: The Lacrosse Goalie

Bumps, bruises and bodies that ache all over are all in a day’s work for a lacrosse goalie. A lacrosse goalie doesn’t have the benefit of thickly padded protection from injury like other sports. The lack of protection stems from tradition and a means of demonstrating fearlessness, which makes the position of goalie one of […]

5 Reasons Lacrosse is Great for Kids

Lacrosse is a popular sport that originated with Native American tribes on the East Coast and the Great Plains regions of the U.S. and Canada. Modifications from the original game were made by Europeans and the game continued to evolve into the worldwide sensation it is today. There are both mental and physical benefits for […]

2 Simple Eye Hand Goalie Training Drills

As we all know, having good hand eye coordination as a goalie is key. Increasing reaction and foot speed in each practice should be a main component of your goalie training. Here are 2 simple drills you can utilize in practice to help develop a quicker keeper. Eye Hand Goalie Training drills are vital. Color […]