Solo Drills for When You’re Alone

If you’re in the off season or just want to get in some extra practice, there are a number of helpful drills that you can perform on your own. It’s always more fun to practice with a partner, but if you find yourself going solo, the following will help build eye-hand coordination, strength, and agility.

Wall Ball

This is the most obvious and self-explanatory. It involves bouncing the ball off a wall and catching the rebound. It’s equally beneficial for players of all ages and will assist in developing greater accuracy at any skill level.


When working to hone shooting skills, it’s important to approach each shot as you would if you were actually playing and doing so at full speed. It helps to focus on trying to hit one specific spot from multiple angles. Be sure to bring plenty of balls for the drill so you don’t waste valuable practice time setting up a new ball each time.

Seated Shooting

Sit on the ground, face the goal, and shoot for all you’re worth. You’re building upper body strength with this drill. You can also practice shooting while being on your knees.

Cross-Handed Catching

You can do this while practicing Wall Ball, but instead of catching with the dominant hand/arm, pass the stick across your face to the other side to catch. If you’ve been playing awhile and have some experience, try the same drill using your non-dominant hand/arm and cross over to your dominant side.


You can practice one-handed or two-handed cradling anytime and anywhere. Practice at a walk and full-out run while switching from the right to left side.

Defense Drills

Throw high balls during Wall Ball practice and try catching them with your arm and pole fully extended.


Practice scooping balls off the ground from multiple angles.

Practice Makes Perfect

While it is more fun to practice with an opponent, it’s not absolutely necessary and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get in some beneficial training. Always be sure to wear the gloves and other equipment you’d use for regular game play.

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