May Lacrosse

There is no better time of the season, besides the start of it, then lacrosse in May! Temperatures are finally warm, and we are headed into post season play! Opening day for NCAA’s starts today for Women’s Division 1 lacrosse and in the next few days and weeks dozens of lacrosse games will now be available on TV & Online.

There is something to be said of the benefits of watching high level collegiate athletes (Division 1, 2 & 3) play, especially in the postseason, for younger players, coaches and fans alike. Watching these high level athletes is a fantastic tool for younger players to learn valuable skills of the game such as, timing, shot placement, stick work, the importance of conditioning, defensive footwork, and the list can go on. For coaches, we witness unbelievable offensive and defensive schemes, and possibly new game management tools. However, one of the most valuable lessons we will witness is teamwork. Making it to NCAA’s is no easy feat and to get there all teams have had to battle together as one through many weeks and months long before the “season” started. To the teams that came together, persevered and sacrificed their own wants for the wants of the whole their reward is now the opportunity to win a National Championship. This is May Lacrosse.

For every player out there who hopes to play collegiately or every coach out there who wants to make their team that much better, take time out of your day to actively search for these games to watch. When you find these games whether it is online or in person don’t just watch the plays that happen in between the boundary lines but also the plays that happen right outside of it. Here is where you will hopefully find some of the best displays of team work. The “cellys” , the high fives, the hugs, the cheers, the huddles, the speeches, the body language. All are equally as important as the schemes, the stick work, the foot work etc. in helping to get these teams get to the big dance and all are important in helping develop better players, coaches and fans. 

To all the teams who made it to the 2019 Tournament Congratulations & Good Luck. We will be watching, and hopefully gaining valuable skills along the way. Welcome to May Lacrosse.