Major NCAA  Rule Changes to the Men’s and Women’s Game in 2019

Here is a quick breakdown of the major rule changes you will see in the Men’s and Women’s Game for 2019 Season. Many of these rule changes this year are designed to bring more safety, tempo and speed to both games.

May 28, 2018; Foxborough, MA, USA; Yale Bulldogs attack Brendan Rooney (46) celebrates after scoring a goal against the Duke Blue Devils during the first half of the men’s NCAA lacrosse championship game at Gillette Stadium.
Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Men’s Game:

This year the Men’s game will be implementing 3 major rule changes. Finally after much debate the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Game will now have a shot clock implemented in their game. The breakdown: Once possession is established from the faceoff,clear or turnover the offensive team will have 20 seconds cross the midfield. Once the midfield line is cleared the offensive team will only have 60 seconds to get a shot off.

Failure to get the ball across the midline in 20 seconds or a shot off that hits the goalie or the cage will result in a turnover and the ball will be awarded to the other team. Two other Major Men’s NCAA rules changes:

  1. The Substitution box will go from 20 yards to 10 yards to allow for more transition opportunities to happen.
  2. The “Dive” is back! What is the “Dive?” Specifically an offensive move used around the crease. The dive is when a player leaves his feet, and shoots the ball. This usually ends with the player landing inside the crease circle. The player will now not be penalized for this move as long as they are not “diving” towards the goal mouth. The player will be penalized with a 1 minute violation if the official deams the “Dive” moving towards the opening of the mouth of the goal.

Women’s Game:

After a 2018 year that produced a lot of changes to the Women’s game, the 2019 season will only have 1 major rule change.

Substitutions can now happen when the game clock is stopped. Rationale: During the 2018 season, except during a team timeout, when the game clock was stopped, players could run off the field; however, players were not permitted to enter into the field from the sub area until the play was over or until they were signaled in by the officials. With this rule change, players can now sub in without being signaled by the officials when the game clock has stopped. This change will help with the overall pace of the game and hopefully cause less confusion and congestion at the sub box area.

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