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In this original article on Senior writer, Daniel Etchells writes that the: World Lacrosse has announced the approved changes to the official playing rules for the international women’s discipline. The new playing rules, approved by the World Lacrosse membership during the organization’s 2019 General Assembly, are due to come into effect on January 1, 2020. The release of the new playing rules follows comprehensive feedback and evaluation period. Lacrosse players worldwide had the opportunity to learn about the proposed changes and provide input before the rule changes were voted on by the World Lacrosse membership.

“Our goal is to make the official playing rules easier to understand and apply for all lacrosse players,” Don Blacklock, World Lacrosse’s technical director, said. “We are always looking at every rule to try to find ways to make them more intuitive and straightforward, and we believe these approved changes include many significant improvements.

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Mountaineers bringing back baseball, adding women’s lacrosse

Check out this awesome article written By Ronald Bond from The EO Mediaon he writes the following:

It’s not the only sport Eastern is adding, either. Insko also said the university will bring on what he described as a sport rising in popularity, women’s lacrosse. The inaugural season for the sport will also be in the spring of 2021. “It’s an opportunity for EOU to lead in a new, exciting, emerging sport, bring that to La Grande and bring that to a rural community,” Insko said of the addition of lacrosse.

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