Lacrosse Positions Explained

Many children show an interest in lacrosse because they have parents or siblings involved in the sport. Others develop an interest seemingly out of nowhere to parents that are completely unfamiliar with the rules of the sport or the positions involved. The following are the four positions in lacrosse and the players’ jobs during play.


Lacrosse attackers are the individuals that score goals. They remain on the offensive side of the playing field. They’re responsible for receiving balls from midfielders and moving it to the optimal positions to score. Attackers are skilled in passing, protecting and shooting the ball through the use of specific plays, passes and fake-outs.


A defender’s job in lacrosse is to defend the goal, in conjunction with the goalie, to prevent the other team from scoring. They try to stay between the goal and an attacker from the opposite team, essentially to prevent the attacker from obtaining a clean shot at the goal. A defender typically uses a longer stick, which enables them to block or deflect shots and passes at the goal. When a defender and goalie have good communication, it creates a defensive team that’s difficult to breach.


The goalkeeper is the final line of defense against the opposing team scoring. They, and their defenders, are limited to a very specific area in which they can move about. That area is known as the crease. The goalie typically stays within the crease, using fast hands and reflexes, along with hand-eye coordination, to prevent scoring. It requires a particularly brave and dedicated player to be a goalie since they’re often hit by high-speed lacrosse balls in their job to prevent the other team from scoring.


Known for their speed and endurance, a midfielder can be found playing over the entire field, performing both defensive and offensive plays. Their primary job is to advance the ball across the field toward the opposing team’s goal. It’s known as transitioning. It’s also the job of the midfielders to ensure there aren’t too many defensive or offensive players at any one time on either side of the playing field.

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