Lacrosse Balls for Massage?

The unique construction of lacrosse balls has made them highly desirable for a usage that many people may not know about. They’re a powerful and effective tool for massaging sore muscles to relieve pain and restore function. Massage with lacrosse balls is a type of myofascial release technique that individuals can perform for themselves.

An increasing number of athletes are using the method to address their own aches and pains derived from a multitude of sports activities, gym workouts, and recreational pursuits. Lacrosse balls are hard and dense, making them ideal to produce pressure against sore muscles.

One of the advantages of using a lacrosse ball to massage tight, sore muscles is that massage can be performed almost any time and anywhere, depending upon the location of the afflicted area. The massage is best done directly after a workout for optimal results.

Lacrosse balls are especially effective when individuals are experiencing pain and discomfort in specific areas. It can be the result of a gym workout, excessive sitting without a break, work-related motions, and engaging in new or unfamiliar activity. It’s particular effective for:

  • Hip and lower back area due to irritated glute muscles
  • Hamstrings from sitting for long periods of time
  • Upper back and shoulders due to stress or overuse
  • Chest and shoulders from poor posture
  • Bottom of the feet from excessive walking, running, inadequate footwear, and jumping

Massage therapy with lacrosse balls isn’t an instant “fix.” Rather than wait until pain and discomfort occurs, it can be a good idea to regularly perform the massage to improve muscle recovery and performance.

An increasing number of gyms and fitness centers are recommending lacrosse ball massage to their clients. It’s easy to perform and doesn’t require any special equipment other than the lacrosse ball. The ball can be used at home or taken with individuals when they travel to relieve the stress of long flights.

Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

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