Lacrosse Balls for Indoor Practice

There will be times when practice sessions must be moved indoors due to extreme weather. One thing that coaches don’t want is a regular lacrosse ball in play while practicing inside. The solution is a ball specifically designed to be soft and low-bounce. They provide similar size and weight to a regulation ball, but won’t do any damage to indoor facilities or hardwood floors if practicing in a gym.

The similar size to a regulation lacrosse ball means that players, especially those new to the sport, can build confidence faster and develop their skills without fear or trepidation. The balls don’t bounce or roll away, creating a more productive practice. If a player is hit with a ball it will sting, but won’t leave the same type of marks or bruises.

Indoor practice balls are made of softer materials that are shock absorbent and they’re also available in a wide range of colors that helps beginners keep track of them easier. The balls can be imprinted with a team or school logo. It’s a strategy that aids in building player pride and the balls are slightly more difficult to catch, which assists in developing catching skills.

Lacrosse balls for indoor use offer an invaluable training tool for when practice must take place indoors and are equally applicable during the off season. They’re particularly beneficial for new players for building wrist and hand strength.

The two biggest advantages to lacrosse balls for indoor practice is less potential damage to the playing area and the ability to assist young players in developing their skills. When coaches were forced to conduct practices indoors, they were typically faced with using mats to cover windows and other potential areas that could be damaged with a regulation ball.

The second advantage is helping new or young players increase their skills quicker. Indoor balls have less bounce, aren’t quite as heavy, and don’t hurt as much if a player is hit. They’re a great way to introduce players to the game, build skills, and give players a taste of what they can accomplish with a regulation ball.

Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

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