Lacrosse Bag….All The Essentials

Lacrosse players have a lot of gear they need to remember when packing their bags, but the first essential is a good bag. It has to be durably constructed, easy to clean, and able to withstand the wear and tear of being used in extremes of weather. A lacrosse bag also needs to have ventilation to help prevent odor build-up.

It’s a good idea to get a lacrosse bag that has a wet gear pouch or pocket. Players will have options encompassing a backpack, equipment bag, or a stick bag. Be sure to get one with which the player feels comfortable while being large enough to handle all the gear that will be stuffed inside. The following is a list of essentials that female players should pack.

Lacrosse stick – Many professional players also carry a back-up stick just in case something happens to their primary stick.

Goggles – They should be comfortable, adjustable, and provide the widest possible viewing area.

Mouthguard – Never, ever forget to pack a mouthguard.

Cleats and/or Turfs – The proper footwear ensures stability on the field and aids in preventing injuries. Whether girls are wearing cleats or turfs, make sure they fit well.

Socks – An extra pair of socks is always a good idea to keep feet dry and healthy.

Lacrosse balls – No one is required to carry lacrosse balls with them, but they’re great for getting in extra practice or killing time.

Gloves – While gloves aren’t required to play and they’re an optional piece of equipment, they’re still very handy for keeping the hands warm if the weather is inclement. They’re equally applicable for protecting hands during rough games and they provide a better grip in wet, rainy conditions.

Water Bottle – Hydration is critical for players and a water bottle is essential that will get far more usage than most people think.


Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

We want YOU to have the best product at the best price. We want the game of Lacrosse to be promoted anywhere and everywhere around the globe and hope to be part of its growth. 

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