Improving Your Overall Team Communication


Here is a simple, fun and effective game that you can play with all levels that helps promote “more specific” communication within your players and listening!  This will payoff not only on your defensive end but in your midfield and attack ends as well.

Things You Need: 30-50+ cones, 60-120+  lacrosse balls, Pinnies or tee shirts etc. (tfo

The Setup:

Use the Center Draw Center as the “playing area”boundary and set up multiple Cones and Balls inside (the more the better). The cones will serve as the “landmine” and the balls are what the player on the inside needs to pick up. The closer you can put the lacrosse balls to the “mines” make the game more challenging and fun.

Each player needs a partner. One partner will be blindfolded the other will be on the outside of the center circle


The Object of the Game: The object of the game is for the partner on the outside of the center circle to communicate to their blindfolded partner on where the balls are and also how to avoid the “landmines.” To do this they need to use very specific communication such as “take 3 baby stepsto your left” or turn “180 degrees and walk straight.” They not only need to give them these directions but speak loud enough that their partner can hear them over the other players who are also giving their partners directions.

Each of the players on the inside of the circle can only pick up 1 ball at a time and they must safely get their ball back to their partner who is on the outside of the circle. They cannot toss the ball back to them and must walk it to them. If at any time a blindfolded player hits a “landmine” while they have a ball in their hand they must immediately place the ball on the ground and reset to where their partner is. Once all the balls have been picked up the game is over and the partners who have the most balls are the winners.

After the first round reset the playing area and switch so that each player has a chance to work on their communication and listening skills.


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