Improve Shooting Accuracy with a Goal Blocker

Shooting accuracy is an essential skill in lacrosse and a goal blocker provides critical practice. Many players find themselves without a teammate with which to practice and that’s where a goal blocker is a tool without compare. Most lacrosse players have a goal in their back yard to practice shots and a goal blocker attaches to the framework to add an extra level of difficulty to practice.

A goal blocker is designed with openings in different places that players use as the targets of their shots. Athletes can practice making their shots from different angles. An added advantage of a goal blocker is that it can be attached to any appropriate framework if a regular goal isn’t available. The targets are effective for improving accuracy, speed, and muscle memory. It may also help players focus better.

Also known as shot trainers and goal targets, there are multiple styles available, they’re easy to set up, and each has its own arrangement of target openings. In addition to those that attach to netted goals, free-standing models are also available. Goal blockers are an excellent substitute for a live goalie, but can range from $50 to $150.

It’s also easy for individuals to make one themselves with an inexpensive 4×6 tarp if no other affordable options are offered. A larger tarp may be a better solution for younger players, but a DIY goal blocker is equally as effective as the expensive pre-made products.

Practice makes perfect and a goal blocker provides athletes of any age and experience level with the ability to improve their shots and become better players. It’s always more fun to practice with a teammate, but that isn’t always possible. A goal blocker provides individuals with the capability to practice by themselves, improve their game play, and gain confidence in their abilities.

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