Holiday Gift Ideas for your Lacrosse Athlete

There’s a wealth of gift-giving options for lacrosse athletes that reflects their interest and shows them that you understand their dedication to the sport. Some are more expensive than others, but there are any number of lacrosse-based gifts that will make your child happy without breaking the bank.


They probably won’t take them on the field, but kids will count a set of lacrosse balls customized with their name or school logo as one of their most prized possessions.


From T-shirts and shorts to socks and hats, there are plenty of opportunities to gift your child with clothing that reflects their involvement with the game.


A designer pair of lacrosse gloves or a stick brand endorsed by their favorite player is sure to make any young athlete happy. There are also sticks with LED lights that, while they’re not approved for regulation competition, are just plain fun to play with – especially in the dark. If you haven’t already purchased a net or rebounder, those are gifts that will help them perfect their game.


There are dozens of medallions that feature some type of lacrosse-related motif. Your child can attach them to their equipment bag, use them as zipper pulls on jackets, or as simple decoration. A variety of lacrosse-themed pins are also available. Many enthusiasts of the game have created extensive collections of pins and medallions.


Decorate in style for the holiday season and please your lacrosse athlete with any of the myriads of lacrosse-themed ornaments available. They’re offered in models appropriate for girls and boys in celebration of their favorite sport.

Wall Décor

From vintage pennants to metal emblems that can be affixed to the wall, your athlete will be happy to be surrounded by the ornamentation of the game they love. If your lacrosse player has a favorite player, there are also life-size cardboard cutouts offered in free-standing styles and those that can be applied directly to the wall – without ruining the paint.

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