Great Gifts for your Lacrosse Enthusiast

Whether your lacrosse enthusiast is a player or an admirer, there’s a wealth of lacrosse-related gift ideas sure to please any age. You can choose from room décor, team merchandise, and customized items for the holidays, birthdays, and any special occasion. The following are just some of the potential options for your lacrosse enthusiast for men, women, boys and girls.

Custom Gifts

Personalized lacrosse balls are just a click away with online shopping. You can purchase and customize sets of lacrosse balls that will be a keepsake for many years to come. They’re available in an array of colors and have multiple customization choices. They’re also beneficial for helping to relieve stress and relax sore muscles. Water bottles can be personalized and just in time for the holidays, you can also choose from custom face masks.


Posters, lamps and life-size wall silhouettes are just some of the décor choices for lacrosse fans. Gift-givers can also select blankets, wall clocks, throw pillows, and bookends.

Team Merchandise

From garments and totes to backpacks and hoodies, there are dozens of team-based merchandise that will please lacrosse fans and let them show their team spirit.


The range of jewelry for lacrosse fans is extensive. You have choices encompassing necklaces, earrings and cuff links, along with rings, hair ornaments, bracelets, watches, and tie clips.

Shoes and Apparel

Players go through a lot of shoes and lacrosse footwear is always a welcome gift. In the clothing line, there are literally hundreds of selections from which to choose. T-shirts, pajamas, sweatpants, socks, shorts, hats, and sweatshirts are some of the most popular. There’s also the old reliable standby – a tie.

Other Gifts

Backpacks, equipment bags, and gloves are items that are desirable and functional. You can also choose from among an array of phone cases. Sticker sets, notebooks, and lacrosse-based magnets are great gifts for younger fans or choose a light up lacrosse stick that glows in the dark. You can also start a tradition with lacrosse-based ornaments for the Christmas tree.

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