Fall Ball, Here before you know it

Velocity Ball Bag and Balls

With only about 4 weeks until the start of Fall Ball for many colleges and club programs it’s best to take an inventory of your equipment for the upcoming season and year. One important piece of equipment sometimes overlooked is lacrosse balls. Throughout the spring and summer seasons it’s amazing how many lacrosse balls you can lose at various practices, tournaments, and camps. Not only is it valuable to look at the quantity of lacrosse balls remaining but also the quality. Check the wear of the lacrosse balls that you do have left. “Greasers” are lacrosse balls that have become smooth and slick over time and do not have the ideal grip that players and coaches prefer. Programs that play on synthetic turf will have higher “Greaser” turnover than teams that play on grass. Weed “greasers” out of your bag or bucket when taking inventory as well. 

How many lacrosse balls should be at practice? Ideally you should have 300 plus balls in numerous bags or buckets on the field at each practice to help smoothly transition from drill to another. It also is a great idea to do daily or weekly ball searches with your players to help wrangle in all those lacrosse balls. Pro Tip: Make this a team building event. Break your team into 2 teams and see which team can find the most lost balls. Winning teams can earn things such as “get out of 1 conditioning 1” coupons etc. Having player’s take responsibility in their program and its equipment is never a bad thing. 

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