Essential Equipment for Boy’s Lacrosse

Every sport has very specific equipment for game play and the safety gear that’s used is equally important. The game of lacrosse is fast, fun, and as with any sport there’s the potential for an injury ranging from bruises and contusions to sprains, strains and fractures. Ensuring that players have the proper safety equipment is just as important as having a regulation stick with a deeper pocket and lacrosse-approved balls.


A helmet with a facemask is required for boy’s lacrosse and it should be approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). The helmet should clearly state it’s been tested and passed NOCSAE regulations established for boy’s lacrosse.


Spills and falls are all parts of sports and that’s equally true of lacrosse. A mouthguard is required for protecting dental work, lips, tongue and cheeks. They also aid in protecting the jaw, an area that can be at risk during game play. There are a number of gel mouthguards that provide cushioning and protection. No matter what brand of mouthguard that’s selected, it’s essential that it fit well.


Lacrosse gloves are required equipment for boy’s lacrosse and perform the important function of protecting the fingers, hands and wrists. They should fit snuggly, but allow the hands to move freely so players can grip the stick. An essential feature to look for in boy’s lacrosse gloves is that they have a hard plastic insert to protect the thumbs during play.


Game play can be fast and furious in lacrosse. While shoulder and elbow pads are required to provide protection to the upper body and arms, many players go a step further and wear rib pads or full arm guards for an added level of safety.


A protective cup should never be considered an optional piece of equipment. Even if one isn’t required for some reason, never hit the field without one.

Other Needs

In addition to their lacrosse stick, goalies will have other requirements that include protection for the head, neck and throat. Some goalies have a preference for gloves with extra padding and chest, arm, and leg protection with padding is an absolute necessity.

Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

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