Choosing the Right Footwear for Lacrosse

Parents and coaches know the importance of the right footwear for youngsters and ensuring they have a proper fit. Nowhere is that more essential than in lacrosse where players are required to run, pivot, and perform split-second direction changes. Parents will also need to consider the type of cleats for their child when choosing the right footwear for their lacrosse player.

It’s important to understand the positioning and purpose of the cleats. The cleats provide stability and the ability to move from side to side. The toe cleat acts much like a baseball cleat. If absolutely necessary, baseball or soccer cleats can be worn in lacrosse. They don’t offer the highest level of performance, but game officials will typically allow them. The cleats are similar in weight to a soccer cleat.

Lacrosse footwear comes in three primary cuts of cleats – low, medium and high. Low cleat styles are lightweight, but offer less in the way of ankle protection. They’re typically used by high-speed players. A mid-level cleat provides better ankle support.

Some parents prefer the brands of professional athletes, but there are numerous manufacturers of lacrosse shoes that come in at lower price points while providing the comfort and support that players require. The footwear should be lightweight and flexible to enable the split-second movements demanded of lacrosse players.

Any footwear will need to offer exceptional grip and traction for playing on grass or artificial turf, while providing critical ankle support and stability. The quality of the material from which the shoe is manufactured will also be a factor. Lacrosse footwear can be pricy. No one wants to replace the athletic wear any more often than necessary and new footwear takes time for a player to break in.

Comfort, durability, and support are the key ingredients that parents should look for in their child’s lacrosse footwear. Multiple brands and styles are available that combine all those attributes and will enable players at all levels of expertise to take the field with confidence

Due to the popularity of lacrosse, the need for high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary for practice and gameplay. 

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