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Custom Lacrosse Balls Delivered Direct for Your Team

Every coach knows how difficult it is to keep ahead of the game when maintaining an ample supply of lacrosse balls on hand. Coaches around the world have discovered the advantages of having a supply of lacrosse balls delivered directly to their home or school for their players. Lacrosse Balls Direct offers free two-day shipping […]

The Art of Cradling a Lacrosse Ball

Cradling a lacrosse ball is much harder than it appears and it’s one of the most frustrating skills for new players to master. It’s an absolutely essential ability to ensure the ball stays with the stick, isn’t dislodged by a misstep, or knocked out by an opposing player. The good news is that with practice, […]

Why the NOCSAE is Important to Sports

Sports form a central part of the life of many individuals beginning as children and continuing into college. Participating in sports can be fun, but it can also be dangerous without the proper safety equipment. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has been helping to make sports safer since 1970. The […]

Solo Drills for When You’re Alone

If you’re in the off season or just want to get in some extra practice, there are a number of helpful drills that you can perform on your own. It’s always more fun to practice with a partner, but if you find yourself going solo, the following will help build eye-hand coordination, strength, and agility. […]

Lacrosse Balls for Indoor Practice

There will be times when practice sessions must be moved indoors due to extreme weather. One thing that coaches don’t want is a regular lacrosse ball in play while practicing inside. The solution is a ball specifically designed to be soft and low-bounce. They provide similar size and weight to a regulation ball, but won’t […]

The Science Behind Moisture Wicking Clothing

Moisture wicking materials have been around for over 20 years, but the current generation of “high-tech” garments, are a significant improvement over what’s been available in the past. Current incarnations were developed in an attempt to prevent the body odor that accompanies a hard workout at the gym. Moisture wicking garments are now everywhere and […]

Equipment on a Budget

Velocity Ball Bag and Balls

One of the mistakes that parents make when their child decides to try a new sport is purchasing the most expensive equipment they can find, whether it’s a tennis racquet, baseball bat, skates, or basketball backboard. The same is often true of adults that take up a new sport. Quality equipment is available that won’t […]

Build Your Stamina with These Exercises

Build Your Stamina with These Exercises

Sports activities, or just staying in shape, requires stamina if you’re to perform reliably. You can invest in an expensive gym membership, purchase costly workout equipment, or utilize methods and equipment that are readily available within your landscape. If you’re out of shape and haven’t exercised in some time, start slowly. If you work out […]

Move Over Foam Roller, Hello Lacrosse Ball

The Benefits of Rolling with a Lacrosse Ball for Myofascial Release.   Myofascial (Trigger Point) Release has been all the rage for the past few years. With the start of Lacrosse’s Summer Tournament Season you can bet playing 4-6 games in a weekend can cause sore muscles and tightness in many athletes. One way players […]

2 Simple Eye Hand Goalie Training Drills

As we all know, having good hand eye coordination as a goalie is key. Increasing reaction and foot speed in each practice should be a main component of your goalie training. Here are 2 simple drills you can utilize in practice to help develop a quicker keeper. Color Call Out Challenge: Place multiple colored balls […]