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Wonderful Wall Ball

Want to know the 1 drill that all coaches, players and professionals will all tell you is the best thing to elevate your game? Need a drill that benefits all positions on the field and all skill levels? It’s wonderful Wall Ball!  There is no better drill that will help one gain more skill with […]

Fall Ball, Here before you know it

Velocity Ball Bag and Balls

With only about 4 weeks until the start of Fall Ball for many colleges and club programs it’s best to take an inventory of your equipment for the upcoming season and year. One important piece of equipment sometimes overlooked is lacrosse balls. Throughout the spring and summer seasons it’s amazing how many lacrosse balls you […]

Move Over Foam Roller, Hello Lacrosse Ball

The Benefits of Rolling with a Lacrosse Ball for Myofascial Release.   Myofascial (Trigger Point) Release has been all the rage for the past few years. With the start of Lacrosse’s Summer Tournament Season you can bet playing 4-6 games in a weekend can cause sore muscles and tightness in many athletes. One way players […]

May Lacrosse

There is no better time of the season, besides the start of it, then lacrosse in May! Temperatures are finally warm, and we are headed into post season play! Opening day for NCAA’s starts today for Women’s Division 1 lacrosse and in the next few days and weeks dozens of lacrosse games will now be […]

Improving Your Overall Team Communication

LANDMINE GAME  Here is a simple, fun and effective game that you can play with all levels that helps promote “more specific” communication within your players and listening!  This will payoff not only on your defensive end but in your midfield and attack ends as well. Things You Need: 30-50+ cones, 60-120+  lacrosse balls, Pinnies […]

2 Simple Eye Hand Goalie Training Drills

As we all know, having good hand eye coordination as a goalie is key. Increasing reaction and foot speed in each practice should be a main component of your goalie training. Here are 2 simple drills you can utilize in practice to help develop a quicker keeper. Color Call Out Challenge: Place multiple colored balls […]

A Great Drill For Outdoor Or Indoor Practices

ADD IN DRILL   The Lacrosse Season is well underway, Spring is “technically here” but as we all know Old Man Winter sometimes can reappear at the most inopportune times forcing many coaches and players are inside.  Here is a great stick work drill that packs a lot of punch whether you are outdoors or […]