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The Beginnings of Lacrosse

The game of lacrosse is much older than most people know. It originated with Native Americans in the New World. Originally played by the Algonquian tribe, it was known as stickball and was much different that the sport that’s popular today. In the beginning, lacrosse games were played by up to 100,000 warriors at one […]

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Lacrosse Balls for Beginners

SAK balls are an often-overlooked tool for training beginning lacrosse players. They meet all the lacrosse regulations and standards for weight and size, but they’re softer than competition balls so when players get hit by a ball – and that’s inevitable – they won’t get injured. They’re great for practicing at home and in training […]

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Why Character Matters to Coaches

Character is a trait that really matters to coaches, especially in youth athletics. It’s more important than winning games or even an individual’s physical skills – which can be learned and honed. It’s often a mystery, and a source of angst, for parents when their child isn’t chosen over another when they’re equal in size […]

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Cradling: A Most Important Skill

The art of cradling is essential in lacrosse and it’s a skill that doesn’t come easy particularly to young athletes new to the game. Being able to run full-tilt during a lacrosse match while keeping the ball in the pocket of your stick is much more difficult than it appears. Experienced lacrosse players make it […]

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Lacrosse Positions Explained

Many children show an interest in lacrosse because they have parents or siblings involved in the sport. Others develop an interest seemingly out of nowhere to parents that are completely unfamiliar with the rules of the sport or the positions involved. The following are the four positions in lacrosse and the players’ jobs during play. […]

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Training Must-Haves for Lacrosse Players

Training is essential for lacrosse players to hone their skills. While some pieces of training equipment can be expensive, there are an equal number of must-haves that may come as a surprise and parents won’t have to break the bank to ensure their youngsters have what they need. Jump Rope A jump rope is more […]

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SAK Lacrosse Balls for at Home Practice

There are many reasons why coaches or parents should invest in SAK balls for their young lacrosse athletes. Perhaps the most important benefit of SAK balls is that they enable players new to the game to practice with less fear of being hit while gaining confidence in their skills. SAK lacrosse balls are an ideal […]

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Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

Youngsters just learning lacrosse will be putting in a lot of practice time and the time expended on the sport will increase as young athletes become familiar with the rules and seek to excel. There are a number of drills for players that can be utilized to help them improve their game and have fun […]

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The Right Equipment Will Make you a Better Player

The right equipment does more than protect you from injuries. It provides a more positive experience and can also make you a better player. It’s no surprise that sports equipment can be expensive and how quickly everything from gloves to helmets and sticks can need to be replaced. It’s understandable that you want the best […]

Lacrosse SAK Balls are Great for Youth Practice

It’s a natural reflex reaction for people to duck or dodge when something comes flying at them. It’s especially true for youngsters just beginning to learn how to play lacrosse who are also trying to develop specialized skills. The solution is lacrosse SAK balls for practice sessions. Using SAK balls have a variety of benefits […]