How Can We Sell Our Lacrosse Balls So Cheap?

Simple! You are buying from the factory! In addition, we buy our materials by the container! would love to tell you a nice little story about how we are special, and how we are important and how we do something nobody else does, and how we offer a unique product or service.  But none of that is true and we know it. We don’t have a unique story we don’t have unique product but we do have is a “Unique Philosophy” and a unique way of thinking about a simple little product called a lacrosse ball. We understand it’s about YOU not us and we want YOU to have the best product at the best price as if you were buying direct from the factory that made the balls. Every ball we sell is officially approved and meets all the NOCSAE standards. We have a money back guarantee for every single ball sold.

We want the game of lacrosse to be promoted anywhere and everywhere around the globe and hope to be part of its growth while making a little bit of money along the way. We hope to be able to further support many Lacrosse Charities and a percentage of sales will be set aside for that. If you are part of or know any additional lacrosse based charities that we should consider supporting please have them contact us.

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