A Great Drill For Outdoor Or Indoor Practices



The Lacrosse Season is well underway, Spring is “technically here” but as we all know Old Man Winter sometimes can reappear at the most inopportune times forcing many coaches and players are inside.  Here is a great stick work drill that packs a lot of punch whether you are outdoors or forced indoors.


Focuses on….

Offensive Concepts -Stick Work (Dominant and Non Dominant), Moving With and without the ball in tight Spaces, Communication, Passing Levels, Running through Catches.

Defensively Concepts– Getting your Stick Up & in Passing Lanes, Doubles,Communication & Getting to the Attackers Hip.


To Start: Break up into 2 Teams and section off an area that is 12×12. Select 1 team to start with the ball. For Example: 5 members from the  “Blue” team will start inside the 12×12 area. The “white” team will be on the outside of the 12×12 box waiting to go into the box, 1 at a time. (They can be placed anywhere outside of the box)

On the whistle, the “blue” team will move anywhere around the inside of the box passing to one another.

After 3 complete passes the White team will send 1 player into the box to play defense, trying to force the blue team outside the box or to turnover the ball.

Every 3 complete passes another defender is added and a point is given to the offensive team.

On a turnover (offensive player steps outside the box, balls rolls out of the box, defense gains possession) the teams will switch, so in this instance after a turnover White will now be on offense and Blue will be on defense.

Pro Tips:

  1. Have players on the offensive team call out how many complete passes they have out loud.
  2. Use a Brighter colored ball indoors for better sight visibility, like our Velocity Lime, Orange, Blue, Red, Pink or Purple Ball.


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