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Every ball sold no matter what color is made according to the same standards and quality as NOCSAE requires for our White, Yellow, Green and Orange. We believe in offering top-quality products at wholesale prices directly to the public with unparalleled customer service. We offer a money-back guarantee for every single lacrosse ball sold. Couple that with the quickest shipping, lowest prices, and biggest selection of lacrosse balls in the industry, and you’ll soon discover that all your lacrosse ball needs will be covered no matter what level of the sport you’re at.

Got younger players? Visit our Lax Sak Lacrosse Training Ball page. Perfect for indoor/outdoor training with almost no bounce and less roll. Soft and shock absorbent they are the exact weight of our official “Certified” Lacrosse Balls. 

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Lacrosse When It Happens

World Lacrosse announces changes to official international playing rules In this original article on Senior writer, Daniel Etchells writes that the: World Lacrosse has announced the approved changes to the official playing rules for the international women’s discipline. The new playing rules, approved by the World Lacrosse membership during the organization’s 2019 General Assembly, […]

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The Beginnings of Lacrosse

The game of lacrosse is much older than most people know. It originated with Native Americans in the New World. Originally played by the Algonquian tribe, it was known as stickball and was much different that the sport that’s popular today. In the beginning, lacrosse games were played by up to 100,000 warriors at one […]

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Lacrosse Balls for Beginners

SAK balls are an often-overlooked tool for training beginning lacrosse players. They meet all the lacrosse regulations and standards for weight and size, but they’re softer than competition balls so when players get hit by a ball – and that’s inevitable – they won’t get injured. They’re great for practicing at home and in training […]

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