5 Reasons Lacrosse is Great for Kids

Lacrosse is a popular sport that originated with Native American tribes on the East Coast and the Great Plains regions of the U.S. and Canada. Modifications from the original game were made by Europeans and the game continued to evolve into the worldwide sensation it is today. There are both mental and physical benefits for kids that play lacrosse, along with skills they can use throughout their lifetime.


Being able to work with people, even those you may not like, is a skill that everyone will utilize throughout their life in personal and professional relationships. Lacrosse is particularly beneficial for promoting teamwork and cooperation since players train, plan strategies, and must work together to score. Each individual must put aside differences and ego to work toward a common goal.


It requires discipline and commitment to attend practice sessions, participate in rigorous training, and focus on the intricacies of the game. Players learn to accept responsibility for their actions, respect their teammates and members of the other team. Lacrosse players learn how to lose gracefully and to be good sports when they win. Players that don’t absorb those lessons will find themselves benched or cut from the team.

Eye-hand coordination

To be an effective player on the field, individuals must have excellent hand-eye coordination and lacrosse helps hone those skills. Practice sharpens the vision at different distances and helps players anticipate where the ball will be to catch it. Enhanced neuropathways are created between the hands, eyes and brain.

Full body workout

Lacrosse provides players with a full body workout. It’s essentially a high-intensity workout that builds muscles, expands the lungs, and develops speed and strength. Lacrosse players expend a significant amount of calories that prevents weight gain, while building stamina and endurance.

Strategic Thinking

Being able to create a strategy, plan a defense, and mentally visualize all of the potential pathways of a play is an ability that can be honed and developed with lacrosse. Players learn how to utilize their opponents’ weaknesses and notice small clues that indicate what opposing team members may be planning to aid in achieving the ultimate goal.

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