2 Simple Eye Hand Goalie Training Drills

As we all know, having good hand eye coordination as a goalie is key. Increasing reaction and foot speed in each practice should be a main component of your goalie training. Here are 2 simple drills you can utilize in practice to help develop a quicker keeper.

  1. Color Call Out Challenge: Place multiple colored balls in a bucket out of the sight of your goalie. Goalie should be fully dressed except for their stick.  Have them set up in cage and put their dominant hand up and their non dominant hand behind their back so that they are only able to catch the ball with 1 hand. Throw one ball at a time and make the keeper have to call out the color of the ball and catch the thrown ball. Make sure they are stepping to the ball and seeking out the ball with their hand.
  2. Color Ball Color Cone Challenge. Find 3-4 different colored cones and place  them in front of the goalie who is in the cage. Assign numbers to the cones. Once again keep the balls hidden in bucket or away from the goalie’s initial view. Goalies should be dressed, no stick and in cage. Throw one ball at a time at the goalie. This time you call out the number of the cone that they are supposed to step to while they are calling out the color of the ball.

Pro Tips: Make your keeper do both of these drills with their non dominant hand catching the ball

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